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ELL Workshop: American Idioms

ELL Workshop: American Idioms

What is an idiom?

Although it is difficult to draw a clear line, "an 'idiom' can not be defined as a synonym for aphorism. It is more than that. To be an idiom, a word or phrase must be distinctive to a specific language and have a meaning that is not obvious from the common meaning of the words employed. For example: "raining cats and dogs", "hangover", "jonesing" [drug withdrawal symptoms]. "You're pulling my leg" is an English idiom for "teasing", while "You're winding my clock" is an English translation of a German idiom that means the same thing. Note that in both cases, the meaning is transferred by the culture, not the words themselves." [Author:Robert Hard]

About the workshop

This is a three part workshop that will explore American idioms in a fun way. Each session will focus on a different set of phrases. 

This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced English learners. Participants will be expected to read short phrases independently and in small groups. 

Registration is required. You can register for one session or all three. 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
5:00pm - 5:45pm
Oakton Conference Room
Library Branch:
Oakton Library
Learning English
  English Language Learners  
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