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Sherwood Library’s 3rd Annual Writing Contest

Sherwood Library’s 3rd Annual Writing Contest

Calling all writers! Sherwood Library’s 3rd Annual Writing Contest begins November 1st!

Celebrate National Novel Writing Month by completing a short story or poem and turning it in by November 30th!

This year’s theme is: In the Depths

Contest runs: November 1, 2022- November 30, 2022

Winners will be chosen for both Teen and Adult categories. The first 25 entries will receive a bound book with their writing and other contest submissions. 

Contest Rules:

  • Fiction only (short stories & poetry accepted)
  • Microsoft Word documents only
  • Maximum length: 15 pages
  • Must be submitted by November 30, 2022
  • Please include Name, Title, Age, and Email 
  • Entries must be emailed to or turned in by hand at the Sherwood Library Information Desk. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
All Day Event
Library Branch:
Sherwood Regional Library
Make/Create > Creative Writing
  Adults     Teens  
FCPL Event Guidelines

Writing will  be scored using the following rubric. 


1-4 Points

Creative Expression

1-4 Points


1-4 Points

Language Use: including spelling and accuracy

1-4 Points


Writing includes a high level of originality. For example, the story is written in a unique voice, from a unique perspective, or with an unexpected result.

Writing is expressive, including figurative language and detailed descriptions that engage and connect with the reader.

The writing is well organized from start to finish, with effective transitions.

The writing has a strong sense of tone that is present throughout.

The piece has a strong theme that holds it together.

The writing demonstrates an understanding of grammar and spelling.

Careful word choices enhance the writing.

Sentence structure is varied and purposeful.


Writing is based on an original idea OR contains a unique element.

Writing is expressive, including some figurative language and/or detailed descriptions that somewhat engage and connect with the reader.

The piece is generally well organized and unified, with some effective transitions.

A definitive tone is present, but fades in and out through the piece.

The piece has a good theme, but some scenes seem disconnected from it.

The writing demonstrates a basic understanding of grammar and spelling, with few lapses.

Some careful word choices are evident.


Some evidence of original thought is present, but the writing is based on a common theme and does not include elements of originality.

Writing includes some descriptive words and includes some efforts at figurative language.

Writing attempts to engage and connect with the reader.

The piece is at times confusing and transitions are awkward.


It is difficult to find a consistent theme.

There are numerous grammatical errors.

A few careful word choices may be evident.

Sentence structure is repetitive and/or simple.


The writing feels like a retelling.

Writing is at times confusing because of lack of description and context.

Writing struggles to connect with the reader.

The piece is jumbled and hard to understand.

A theme does not seem to be present.

Writing lacks basic grammar rules and is difficult to understand.

Score Total:

Event Organizer

Janelle Ortiz, Information

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